I reserve the right to retain any pup from any litter
before offering for choices.

Puppy News


MALTIPOO -  Patty, Maltese mom and red tiny toy poodle dad Chili have apricot puppies!  One girl and two boys. The boys are available at this time.

MALTIPOO -  Ginger, red toy Poodle mom and Milo, Maltese dad have apricot Maltipoos!  These puppies will range in size from 6-8 lbs.  There are 4 boys available.

MALTIPOO - Haley, miniature Merle Poodle mom and Max, Maltese dad have gorgeous Maltipoo babies!  One Merle like her mom, 2 apricot and white parti girls and 1 Merle parti!  I expect these pups to range in size from 7-12 lbs.  Once the pups age and grow a few weeks, I can chart their sizes and narrow down expected weights.   

At this time, I am taking applications for Maltipoos that will be available from these litters.  If you are interested, please go to Priority Waiting List page and click on Puppy Application.  Please complete and email back to me.  Follow up with me if you do not receive a response within 48 hrs.  

Please feel free to email me at