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If you are a return visitor you may see lots of new changes!  I've updated my website and hope it is easy to maneuver through as you visit!  We have transitioned to our new home place in Umpire, Arkansas. 

I am Risa Krantz, married to David Krantz and we live in beautiful southwest Arkansas. My family has raised pups for most of my childhood and adult life.  I have been raising healthy, hardy and non-shedding pet lap dogs since April, 2007!  I feel so fortunate and blessed to be able to share my labor of love with wonderful families who entrust me with their new little puppy.  David helps me with maintenance and heavy stuff; however I am "hands on" with every whelping and the overall care for the best health of my dogs and puppies.  We are the only ones who care for all of our dogs and puppies on a day to day basis, so when I speak of "we" I am referring to David and me.

Here at Bear Creek Maltipoo, our goal is producing genetically healthy, hardy and happy puppies!  We hope that you find your special puppy friend with us!  We feel we have the cutest, best natured, loving and most importantly, healthy hybrid puppies for adoption from our loving home to yours. Our puppies are checked by one of our veterinarians to ensure we are placing the healthiest dog babies possible into loving homes. Hand raised and nurtured by us, alongside their mother, they are sure to please any dog lover!  All of our hybrid babies are 1st generation, meaning mom and dad are both purebred dogs.  Our babies are handled and loved every day!  We talk to them from day one and we love "smooching" their little faces (giving kisses!)  They become accustomed to everyday sounds, our family and other house dog babies.  This environment helps them to become used to lots of noises they will encounter so they won't be afraid.

At this time, I am mainly raising Maltipoo babies. Very occasionally we may raise a litter of purebred pups such as Poodle or Maltese in order to retain a pup for our breeding program if found worthy.  For upcoming litters, please view the Puppy News page.

We love each and every one of our puppies' parents and treat them with the respect and love they deserve! They all have names and we know everything about each one of them!  They undergo regular veterinary exams plus we do health testing with Paw Print Genetics using DNA to test for diseases respective to the breed.  The testing we do is to insure healthy parents to our pups.  You may read more about this on Health Testing Explained page.  Our adults that are at least one year old are veterinarian approved and OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certified.  Our dogs are vaccinated yearly with core vaccines as well as Rabies vaccinations.  They are groomed regularly and receive dental care as well.  Of course any other veterinary care they need is promptly provided.  All of our moms and dads in our breeding program are purebred dogs that are registered with at least one registry. 

I welcome you to Bear Creek Maltipoo's website! Take a look around and hopefully I have provided useful information about the Maltipoo.  I am often adding more information to the site, so please come back!  Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  I will be glad to take the time to help you.  I always welcome the opportunity to talk about my puppies and their parents!  I have many references and happy families who can tell you firsthand about their experiences with me.  

Please realize that when you choose to add a new puppy to your home, he or she will learn everything they ever know from you. In the beginning, they require much patience, understanding, time and you MUST give them the love they so deserve. Your puppy is only as smart as you require him or her to be. You devote the time to them and they will not disappoint you! You are making a long time commitment and, given everything he or she needs and deserves, you are creating a lifetime of unconditional love, bonding and dedication with your puppy!! Your puppy is a live being and not to be put away or ignored like an inanimate item. We put a lot of time and love into each puppy we raise and it is truly our heart's desire to help find the puppy his or her perfect home with all of the things we mentioned! We love getting updates and pictures of your puppy as he or she grows into a dog!

Finally, it is our desire and hope that the pet you choose from our home has a loving and lifetime home with you. If there is any reason you are no longer able to care for your pet, please notify us as soon as possible. We are committed to helping find your pet a good home. We have many puppy families from all over the United States and have a vast network of friends who would help locate a suitable family for your pet that you can no longer care for.  If that becomes impossible, our home is always open to your pet.  The number one thing we ask of you is to NEVER place your pet in a shelter or abandon it. We want forever homes for our babies.  May God Bless each and every one of you!

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