Prices & Holding Fee

I do not typically price my puppies until they are about 2-4 wks. old unless I feel fairly confident about approximate adult size. Prices are determined based on sex, color, size and age.  I reserve the right to adjust prices higher or lower (before they have been reserved) depending on what I feel the value of the puppy is. 

Why are tiny puppies so expensive? The mom to these tiny babies is typically quite small and only has 1-2 puppies per litter.  It costs a lot of money to feed premium dog food and keep these tiny ones in tip-top shape to provide you with a healthy puppy! 

When I do have tiny puppies, they require lots of TLC, sometimes including tube feeding, ICU care, IV fluid care, etc.  It's a 24/7 job to get a tiny puppy to thrive.  In addition, really tiny puppies need to remain with me longer than the larger puppies.  Essentially TIME = MONEY.  How much is your time worth?  

My prices reflect the quality of my breeding, which includes health testing, knee and cardiac OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certification on every parent as well as the commitment I have to these breeds in terms of time and financial investment, my continual improvement of breeding stock, and the care and concern I have for each of my Maltipoo puppies, their parents, and the puppies' new owners.  As an experienced Maltipoo breeder in Arkansas, I am committed to raising a quality 1st generation puppy that will become a special part of its' new family. 

I am happy to be a continual source of knowledge for you, not only before your Maltipoo puppy comes home, but for the many years after as well.​

Here is a list to give you a basic guideline on my prices (does not include shipping, if needed):

Standard colors of Cream, Apricot, Black and Sable are $1700 and up depending on size.  Less common or exotic colors such as Chocolate and Merle are $2000 and up.

Toy (6-10 lbs.) ......................................   $ 1800 - $2000
Tiny Toy (under 6 lbs.)................  $ 2000 & up

​*Breeding rights for any purebred puppies will be more.

Please go to the Priority Waiting List or Puppy News page and click on the Puppy Application button to complete an application first.  Once you are approved, we can move forward to accepting your holding fee.  I cannot hold a puppy without a holding fee; please do not ask.