Health Testing


We hope this page will help you understand a little bit more about what we do as far as health testing and what all it means.  Our health testing is performed by Paw Print Genetics.

Poodle Health Test Panel

Canine degenerative myelopathy, DM 

GM2 gangliosidosis 


PRA-PRCD, PRCD (Progressive retinal atrophy, progressive rod-cone degeneration )

Von Willebrand Disease I 

Maltese Health Test

 Glycogen Storage Disease Ia 

The good news is that Poodles and Maltese do not share any common diseases.  For instance, Maltese do not have genetics for the common diseases that poodles have.  And Poodles do not have genetics for Glycogen Storage Disease (the Maltese can have.) Therefore, we are not concerned about our first generation crosses developing any of the diseases we test for.  

Should we ever choose to begin F1b crosses, it is still important we continue our health testing program to ensure no two parents that may be "carriers" are bred together.  This is where our selective and careful pairing of parents is crucial.


We understand that the information given here may be confusing to some.  If you have any questions, please reach out to me and I will better explain.  There are no dumb questions.  This is what we do with our breeding program and welcome questions at any time.